The history of Tbilisi begins with the sulfurous waters that people have used for centuries in the form of baths. Today, the sulfur mineral waters have a unique medical, healing and recreational purpose, which is gathered and united in the building of the balneological resort.

Before the establishment of the Tbilisi Spa Resort, a group of German geologists and scientists visited Tbilisi to study the mineral waters in Georgia. At the current location of the resort, due to the beneficial and healing properties of mineral waters, the idea arose to build a resort town on an area of 200 hectares in the historic part of the city of Tbilisi.

The balneological resort started functioning in 1938, and in 1998 the resort building was awarded the status of a cultural heritage monument.

There is no analogue of a balneological resort in the whole world. Similar types of recreation centers are found only in Budapest, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Today, Tbilisi Balneological Spa Resort is at the latest stage of development, as the building was completely restored in 2017. Currently, the resort offers customers unique healing procedures: mineral, sulfur water baths, healing mud applications of volcanic origin, physiotherapy, medical and healing massages. The center also operates in the medical field, where only experienced medical staff provides services to customers.

Tbilisi Balneological Spa Resort – The place where tradition meets modernity!