A dedicated psychological service operates at Tbilisi Balneological Resort, offering individual and group services to all patients.

🔸 Services include:

  • Psycho-diagnosis
  • Psycho-correction
  • Psycho-education

👉 Experienced and certified clinical psychologists provide tailored individual counseling and therapy based on specific needs across various domains.

⭕️ Group sessions are organized based on specific conditions and social issues.

👉 Diagnosis and sessions utilize modern methods and techniques established in contemporary psychology.

🙌 Sessions are conducted in specially equipped spaces within the resort (offices, halls, mineral café, and grounds), catering to adults, teenagers, and children.

✅ Psycho-rehabilitation is a key focus area, with affordable pricing and discounts available for repeated consultations/sessions and group therapies, reflecting our commitment to addressing mental health, psychological, and social well-being.

📞 For more information and appointments, please contact us at: 0322 43 90 90 or 595 09 00 33